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Ready to Unleash Your Inner Confident Unicorn?

Your confident unicorn era starts now
I wasn’t always the Confident Unicorn I am today. For years I dealt with paralyzing self-doubt and insecurites that kept me small. I showed up as a watered down version of myself, and struggled to take up space and feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt imprisoned by fears that kept me from showing up as the full expression of who I am, doing all the things I wanted to do, and going after the goals that were tugging at my heartstrings. There's nothing like the suffering created by endless self-criticism and the torment of neglected dreams.

When I think back to the self I was before I do the work I do today, my heart aches remembering all the ways in which I was (and wasn’t) showing up for myself. I didn't know any better then… But I do now. I learned how to take control of my headspace, overcome my insecurites and self-doubt, go after my desires, and become the fully expressed Confident Unicorn I am today. It's my mission and privilege to teach you to do the same. You deserve to move through life with confidence and bring your dreams to life. I'm here to show you how.

Life is better with confidence. Let's go! 

How You Can Work with Me

A Tailored private coaching experience
I offer one-on-one coaching for clients who are ready to meet with me once a week for 3-6 months to move through the process of creating unshakable confidence and take action to transform a specific area of life that is in need of some TLC.

The first step is to hop on a zoom call to so we can get to know each other and make sure my coaching and process is the perfect fit for you and your goals right now.

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Here's What You Can Expect When You Enter Into the Confident Unicorn Vortex
becoming a confident unicorn happens in two steps
I teach my clients how to become Confident Unicorns in two simple steps:
1. Think Like a Confident Unicorn 
2. Act Like a Confident Unicorn 

That’s it... No complicated voodoo necessary.
And while the steps are simple, they do require you to learn how to train your brain to stop eroding your confidence and rewire it to create and grow it. 
*Cue, your coach, guide, and expert on all things confidence and mindset magic — yours truly!* 
While working together:
→ I’ll show you all the ways your current thinking is holding you back from being the Confident Unicorn you want to be and doing all the Confident Unicorn things you want to do, and...
→ Teach you how to manage that beautiful brain of yours and rewire it so you can think like, act like, and become the Confident Unicorn you want to be. Then...
→ I'll coach you to apply the mindset skills you learn and the confidence you create to achieve a goal that will transform a part of your life that is most important to you right now.
Ready to become a Confident Unicorn?

Why Become a Confident Unicorn? 
The Benefits of Confidence Are Truly Endless, But Here Are a Few of the Most Notable Transformations…
You Trust Yourself to Overcome Life’s Challenges
When you know how to manage your mind, you can respond to challenges with confidence and grace. Confident unicorns know how to navigate any obstacles that arise, and lead themselves towards the results they most desire. 
You Show Up Authentically No Matter What
No more watering yourself down, or shying away from who you really are. Confident unicorns create safety from within so they can show up as their truest self, no matter who they are with or what room their are in.
You Attract Authentic Connections
When you show up confidently as the authentic and amazing unicorn you were born to be, you’ll be a magnet for the people who will love and appreciate you for who you truly are. Confident unicorns release relationships that no long serve them, and attract and engage with connections that are in alignment with their highest good. 
You Navigate Life Consciously
When you respond to life rather than react to it, you empower yourself to strategically choose the results you create for yourself in any situation. Confident unicorns know how to manage their mind and self-coach, so they can align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with the outcomes they most desire.
You Stop Punching Yourself in The Face
When you build a loving and trusting relationship with yourself, you release the self-judgment and self-criticism that no longer serves you. Confident unicorns create a healthy internal dialogue that is supportive and nurturing and no longer tolerate any self-abuse that keeps them stuck.
You Pursue A Fully Expressed Life
When you show up as your most confident self, you align with the authentic self you want to be, and take the actions required to build the life you want. Confident unicorns create a life that is a full expression of who they are and what they desire most.
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