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Are You Ready to Thrive as Your Most Confident Self? 

It’s Time to Claim Your Confidence & Create the Extraordinary Life You Desire
Life’s too short to waste time staying stuck in self-doubt. You deserve to find out what’s possible for you when you move through life as the confident unicorn you were born to be. Discover the freedom of unicorn-level confidence, and finally show up as the most authentic expression of you. It's time to create the love, success and fulfillment you desire. 

Confidence Isn’t Something You’re Born With, It’s Something You Create!

And It’s Available to Everyone
(No Exceptions!) 
Your confidence is already inside of you just waiting to be claimed! And it doesn’t require you to change who you are -- in fact, true confidence comes from embracing the incredible and unique unicorn you were put on this earth to be.

Whether you’re seeking to cultivate deeper connections, achieve professional success, pursue athletic endeavors, or bring any other desire to fruition, it’s all available to you on the other side of confidence.
What’s possible for you is limited only by your capacity to step into your most confident self.
Hi! My Name is Secia!
I’m a Certified Life Coach, and I Help Women Become Confident Unicorns so They Can Go After Their Desires and Thrive in Every Area of Life
I’m passionate about teaching women how to cultivate genuine and lasting confidence because I believe it’s foundational to building an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life. And when women are authentic, happy and fulfilled they do AMAZING things and create a better world for all of us!
When confidence is at the helm, women are able to honor themselves at every turn, and create a life that is a full expression of who they are and what they desire. This is the quality of life I want for every woman.
❤ ❤ ❤

You Deserve to Move through life as Your MOST Confident Self

If you're ready to...
Ditch Your Self-Doubt & Insecurities
And pursue a life where you honor the truth of who you are and what you desire...
Cultivate a loving and trusting relationship with yourself
And overcome the self-criticism that keeps you stuck...
Feel capable of successfully navigating life
And operate from a state of genuine and unshakable confidence...
Find out what's possible for you when you become your most confident self...
Then I've Created Something Just For You!
The Confident
Unicorn Experience
. . . . .
In this high-touch, one-one-one program I teach you how to be a wildly confident unicorn, so you can finally feel free to show up to your life as the self you know you're meant to be and create the life you most desire for yourself!
By the End of This Program You Will:
. . . . .
✨ Become a Powerful Creator by Leveraging Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Brain
Your mind is your magic and the key to creating confidence. (And anything else you desire!) You’ll learn the industry's best mindset tool that will not only help you cultivate unshakable confidence, but achieve any goal you commit to achieving. Mind management is a skill that will serve you for LIFE.
 Cultivate Genuine, Unshakable, Unicorn-Level Confidence 
You’ll overcome blocks, re-write beliefs, and build a loving and trusting relationship with yourself. True confidence is rooted in your realationship with yourself, and achieved by creating safety from within. By the end of our time together you'll be your own BFF!
✨ Learn How to Navigate Life From a State of Confidence
You’ll take committed action, transform your relationship with fear and failure, and learn to advocate for yourself by setting health boundaries and strategically managing how interact with others. Say good-bye to people pleasing and worrying about what other people think about you!
The Confident Unicorn Experience
A One-On-One Program Curated to Your Confidence Journey
Here's What You Can Expect
→ You’ll meet with me one-on-one for 60 minutes once a week for 6 months, and I'll teach you everything you need to know in order to cultivate confidence that will last you a lifetime.

→ You'll walk away with a mindset strategy that will not only allow you to access confidence whenever you want, but will also help you create any result you're committed to achieving.

→ Each week's session will be tailored to your specific needs so you walk away with no questions unanswered and coaching on the topics that are most relevant to you.
What Other Unicorns Are Saying
“The work I have done with Secia has enhanced my life in so many ways. She is an investment in yourself that rewards you in spades.” 
“Launching my first course was one of the hardest things I did. In the beginning, I had so many thoughts that questioned my confidence, my worth, my value. But I wanted to show up as the best version of myself in my business (and life!), so I looked for help. Secia’s coaching helped me navigate my mind, gain confidence in EVERY step of the launch process, and it’s even helping me in my daily life outside of my business. :) I am infinitely grateful to have Secia in my life, and I will be working with her for my future launches as well.” 
Secia’s magic is that she guides her clients encourages them to grow in the best ways possible for their highest good. My self-confidence, my self-worth, my value in myself, my outlook on my career, my family, my friends, my love life and what I deserve in all these areas — has all be up-leveled thanks to working with Secia.” 
“I feel less unsure, and more confident I can make decisions and figure out what’s going on if things feel bad, or if I’m not taking action. I’m optimistic, confident, not fearing of the future, and looking forward to taking actions that align with my unicorn self, rather than feeling like I should quit on my goals.” 
I very proudly earned my coaching certification at The Life Coach School, where I received the best training in the industry.
Claiming Your Confidence Starts HERE!
Here's How to Get Started Today
If you're ready transform your life and finally create the confidence you deserve, fill out an application at the button below.

Once you fill out the application, you'll be prompted to book a complimentary discovery call with me to see if The Confident Unicorn Experience would be the right fit for you at this time. I can't wait to get to know you!
How Would Your Life Transform With Unicorn-Level Confidence? 
This High Touch Program is a Good Fit For You If...
→ You’re ready to ditch the self-doubt and inner critic that keeps you from living the life you desire, and finally show up as the confident unicorn you know you’re meant to be. 

→  You’re committed to achieving a specific goal that you’d like to fuel with confidence and you’re ready for the specific mindset tools that will help you bring it to fruition. 

→  You’re ready to learn how to manage your mind so that you successfully navigate life in alignment with the confident self you want to be, confidently respond to challenges, and take the actions necessary to create the results you most desire. 

→  You’re ready to transform your relationship with yourself and create a healthy internal environment built on love and trust. (You’re ready to become your own BFF!) 

→  You’re unhappy with your current life and are ready to transform from the inside out so you can finally go after the career, relationship(s), and/or health goals you desire. 

→  You’re ready to feel confident showing up as your fully authentic self in all areas of your life. 

→  You’re know the life you desire is beyond your comfort zone, and are ready to cultivate the confidence required to overcome the fear that keeps you stuck

→  You’re feel like you are floating down the river of life without a paddle, and are ready to take control and steer towards the life you desire for yourself. (Become a conscious creator!) 

→  You're done playing small and are ready to navigate life as a confident unicorn!
I Have a 100% Money Back Guarantee
The Investment is RISK FREE!
I’m so confident that you’ll be blown away by the value I deliver and the transformation you’ll see, that if by Week 8 you aren’t fully satisfied with your experience, I’ll give you a full refund. You can rest easy knowing your investment is risk free.
Fill out an application to start your confidence journey today!
Frequently Asked Questions
How many hours per week should I schedule in order to get the results I desire?
We’ll meet for 60 minutes each week at a dedicated time. Each week you'll likely walk away with some homework to complete by our next session that may consist of some journalling or completing tasks that will help you achieve your goals. You can put as much time and energy into the process as you’re willing to commit, and the more you apply what we learn each week, the sooner you’ll see the transformation you desire. 
Is this for beginners? What if I’ve never done any mindset work before? 
There is no prior knowledge required to go through this program. I created it with beginners in mind, and cover everything required to cultivate confidence from the ground up. For anyone who has already done mindset work, you can use the lessons to reach your next level of understanding and integration of the tools. 
I really want to dive in, but I’m afraid I’ll get overwhelmed by the process.  
This is a one-on-one program tailored to your unique journey. The program is paced to maximize the value you receive during our time together, however, we can make adjustments to the pacing so that it suits your needs. You’ll also learn how to manage overwhelm in the process, which will serve you not only throughout the program but in other areas of life.
Is there a return policy? 
I have a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program after the completion of Week 6, I’ll give you your full investment back. 
How much access will I have to you throughout our 3 months together? 
You will get 60 minutes of one-on-one time with me each week, where we'll go over the lessons and do focused coaching. If you have any questions throughout the process, you are welcome to email or text me, and I’ll respond within 24 hours. Additional one-on-one support is available for an additional investment. 
Do you offer a payment plan? 
I offer 6-month and 12-month payment plans to make this as accessible as possible. Additional plans are considered on a case-by-case basis. I also offer a pay-in-full discount.
Why Become a Confident Unicorn? 
The Benefits of Confidence Are Truly Endless, But Here Are a Few of the Most Notable Transformations…
You Trust Yourself to Overcome Life’s Challenges
When you know how to manage your mind, you can respond to challenges with confidence and grace. Confident unicorns know how to navigate any obstacles that arise, and lead themselves towards the results they most desire. 
You Show Up Authentically No Matter What
No more watering yourself down, or shying away from who you really are. Confident unicorns create safety from within so they can show up as their truest self, no matter who they are with or what room their are in.
You Attract Authentic Connections
When you show up confidently as the authentic and amazing unicorn you were born to be, you’ll be a magnet for the people who will love and appreciate you for who you truly are. Confident unicorns release relationships that no long serve them, and attract and engage with connections that are in alignment with their highest good. 
You Navigate Life Consciously
When you respond to life rather than react to it, you empower yourself to strategically choose the results you create for yourself in any situation. Confident unicorns know how to manage their mind and self-coach, so they can align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with the outcomes they most desire.
You Stop Punching Yourself in The Face
When you build a loving and trusting relationship with yourself, you release the self-judgment and self-criticism that no longer serves you. Confident unicorns create a healthy internal dialogue that is supportive and nurturing and no longer tolerate any self-abuse that keeps them stuck.
You Pursue A Fully Expressed Life
When you show up as your most confident self, you align with the authentic self you want to be, and take the actions required to build the life you want. Confident unicorns create a life that is a full expression of who they are and what they desire most.
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