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Ready to Thrive
as Your Most Confident Self?


Life's Too Short to Let Insecurity & Self-Doubt Hold You Back

You deserve to exeprience the freedom that confidence creates
Tired of fear and self-doubt holding you back from creating the success, love and fulfillment you desire? Confidence is the antidote that empowers you to be your fully expressed self, and to do all the things you want to do in order to live the life you know you are meant for. You deserve to find out what’s possible for you when you move through life as the confident unicorn you were born to be.

Life is better with confidence.
YOUR POTENTIAL is limited only by your capacity to BECOME your most confident self.

Confidence Isn’t Something You’re Born With... It’s Something You Create!

And It’s Available to Everyone
(No Exceptions!) 
Your confidence is already inside of you just waiting to be claimed! And it doesn’t require you to change who you are -- in fact, true confidence comes from embracing the incredible and unique unicorn you were put on this earth to be.

Whether you’re seeking to cultivate deeper connections, achieve professional success, transform your health, or bring any other desire to fruition, it’s all available to you on the other side of confidence.
nice to meet you
Hi! I'm Secia Zapp — AKA, The Confident Unicorn!
Certified Coach & Reinvention Expert GUiding You to a More Confident You 
I Believe that the World Needs More Confident Unicorns...

Confidence is like glitter — it makes you sparkle and shine.
I believe that you deserve to sparkle and shine like the unique and magnificent unicorn that you are!
But not only that, I believe that the world needs your unique sparkle...
Because when you dare to shine, you light up the world around you!
And, like glitter, confidence spreads to whoever it encounters and gives them permission to sparkle too.
The world becomes a better and brighter place every time a Confident Unicorn spreads their light.
It's my life's mission to help people unleash their inner confident unicorn so they feel safe to be fully expressed, bring their dreams to fruition, and light up the world with their unique sparkle and shine.
Are you ready for your Confident Unicorn Era to begin? Let's go!
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work with me
Ready to Unleash Your Inner Confident Unicorn? 
my two step process
I teach my clients how to become Confident Unicorns in two simple steps:
1. Think Like a Confident Unicorn 
2. Act Like a Confident Unicorn 

That’s it... No complicated voodoo necessary.
And while the steps are simple, they do require you to learn how to train your brain to stop eroding your confidence and rewire it to create and grow it. 
*Cue, your coach, guide, and expert on all things confidence and mindset magic — yours truly!* 
While working together:
→ I’ll show you all the ways your current thinking is holding you back from being the Confident Unicorn you want to be and doing all the Confident Unicorn things you want to do, and...
→ Teach you how to manage that beautiful brain of yours and rewire it so you can think like, act like, and become the Confident Unicorn you want to be. Then...
→ I'll coach you to apply the mindset skills you learn and the confidence you create to achieve a goal that will transform a part of your life that is most important to you right now.
Ready to become a Confident Unicorn?

P.S. I earned my coaching certification at The Life Coach School, where I completed a rigorous program and received the BEST training in the industry.
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